BYOD program

Mount Ridley College is an advocate of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. It allows students to bring their own personal electronic device such as laptops and tablets to school and access online resources via the college’s secure wireless network at no cost to students. Smartphones will not be allowed in the BYOD program in line with the Department’s Mobile Phone Policy issued by the Minister for Education. More information can be found in our Student Mobile Phone Use Policy.

From 2021, all Year 7 students will be strongly encouraged to have their own device. This will further facilitate their access to MS Teams (the College’s online Learning Management System) and build their capacity to use Information and Communication Technology in their learning and day-to-day lives.

For interested families, the College has arranged a 3 Year Lease Scheme which provides a very affordable option for families. At the end of the lease, families will be able to keep the device and there are no further payments to make. Specific details are attached.


Students use devices in a multitude of ways at Mount Ridley College, including:

  • reviewing their timetable and accessing announcements on Compass
  • receiving learning material customised to their individual classes
  • taking control of their learning, both at school and outside the walls of the classroom
  • participating in collaborative projects
  • submitting work to their teachers and publishing to a world-wide audience.
  • develop ICT capabilities and competencies;
  • become smart online citizens;
  • transfer knowledge and skills and apply them to new technologies and situations;
  • access interactive learning and educational resources via web-based programs;
  • have wider choice of how to create, submit and store their work;
  • explore creative tools for showcasing their work;
  • communicate within and beyond the College as part of interactive approaches to teaching and learning; and
  • access their learning at any time and from any location.

Additionally, students will have limitless access to the College’s software, learning materials, Compass and Office 365 – including a free desktop version of the Microsoft Office package.

Students are responsible for their own devices, with the College offering support for basic ICT needs. The College recommends insurance for the device for peace of mind for both student and families.


To further accommodate students and families who do not yet have a device or would like to upgrade, the College has partnered with suppliers Learning With Technologies (LWT) and JB Hi-Fi’s BYOD program. This option will provide students with access to:

  • Education specific products, not available in retail stores
  • Products carefully selected by Mount Ridley College
  • Education specific online pricing
  • An extensive range of accessories, extended warranties and insurance
  • Interest-free finance options.

To access the Mount Ridley College JB Hi-Fi portal visit and enter the school code MRC2021

LWT has established an online portal where you can review various models and purchase/lease your preferred device. The address is –

Families who do not wish to participate in the College’s sourced program can still purchase devices from other retailers, please see our recommended specifications below.


To best benefit students in all learning domains, all BYOD devices should include:

  • WiFi access
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Webcam and microphone
  • USB compatibility

Below are some minimum technical specifications we recommend to get the best and longest use out of the device:

Windows laptop / tablet Apple Macbook Apple iPad
Year level 5 – 12 10 – 12 P – 4
Minimum device storage 128GB 128GB 64GB
Operating software Windows 10 or higher OS 10.14 (Mojave) iOS 9 or higher
Minimum memory (RAM) 8GB 8GB N/A
  • Carry case: A carry case can protect the device and provide ergonomic advantages
  • Insurance: Devices can become lost or be broken, insurance offers peace of mind
  • Warranty: Consider purchasing an extended warranty to reduce unforeseen repair costs

BYOD letter to parents

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