Student Clubs

At Mount Ridley College we have a range of extra-curricular activities and clubs for students to participate in across the College.

The Early Years students have access to creative activities such as Lego, Drawing and Coding, along with a variety of physical activities such as Running Club, Basketball, Soccer and Dodgeball competitions.

Students in the Junior to Senior year levels can also participate in a variety of academic, creative and active clubs. Students can meet to discuss Philosophy, improve their Numeracy skills or work on strategies to improve their GPA.

Art Club, Book Club, Writers Club, Colour and Chat Club are a hit with creative students. For the more active, there is Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Running Club or Walking club- just to name a few.

Students are asked to check the Extra-Curricular schedule that is posted around the College and on Compass at the beginning of each term.

Homework support program

Two evenings per week, on a Wednesday and Thursday the College employs past students to support current students in their learning.


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