Student Engagement & Wellbeing


Mount Ridley P-12 College aims to develop its students as active global citizens who are responsible, independent and committed to life-long learning.  It pursues this objective through carefully planned and targeted programs that are designed to meet the needs of all students.  From a Student Engagement perspective, we provide a range of programs for our students including but not limited to:

  • Resilience and Social Skills programs
  • Respectful Relationships Programs
  • Values Education Programs
  • Student Leadership programs
  • Discovery/ Grow Days
  • Clubs/ Extra Curricular clubs.

Students who require further assistance may also be targeted for small group or individual programs aimed at improving areas of need for the student.

For further information, please download our: Student-engagement-overview


The Student Wellbeing Team is a multi- disciplinary team, consisting of a psychologist, youth worker and speech pathologist.

The Student Wellbeing Team is responsible for supporting students with issues such as:

Family conflict
Anger management
Stress management
Social skills, assisting students with financial difficulties and issues around hardship.

The Student Wellbeing Team work with the Early, Junior, Middle and Senior Years Mini-Schools, Principal Class, teachers, other wellbeing professionals and agencies to address student needs.

In addition to these services, the Adolescent Health Nurse works with the student wellbeing team and Mini Schools to organise and deliver health education activities throughout the College.

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