Languages Program


At Mount Ridley P—12 College (MRC) there is a strong emphasis on students developing as global citizens. To this end, our students are encouraged to study a language other than English. Languages offered are Italian and Japanese from Foundation (Prep) through to Year 12. Our teaching staff includes highly trained and experienced teachers, as well as those who are mother tongue speakers. The program is supported by language specialists sourced through the Department of Education and Training’s Language Assistants program.

In addition to this, MRC has recently formed an alliance with the Victorian School of Languages for the purpose of delivering a wider array of languages at the College. The first two languages being conducted on Saturday mornings are Hindi and Punjabi. It is anticipated that this program will grow as it meets community requests for further languages to be offered.

Landale, our purpose built Languages Centre, provides our Languages students with the opportunity to expand their intercultural understanding, develop respect and an appreciation of diversity as well as extend the ways in which they can communicate with others. This contemporary, state of the art facility has been built to accommodate flexibility and supports the different learning styles of students including group work, individual learning and reflective practices. Each learning space is equipped with audio visual equipment to allow students to develop their language skills and expand their capabilities as confident global citizens.

Students participate in a comprehensive program which includes:

  • Language immersion;
  • Pen Pal programs;
  • Sister-school video calls;
  • Intercultural school partnership programs in Italy and Japan;
  • Vlogs;
  • Cross curricula enrichment tasks;
  • Language competitions;
  • Integrated multiculturalism projects;
  • International Study Tours;
  • VCE Units 1—4 in Italian and Japanese.







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