Early Years Curriculum

The Curriculum programs in Early Years at MRC have been developed for students to experience individual growth through a progressive and targeted curriculum.
It is important that students in the Early Years are provided with opportunities to build on their skills, knowledge and previous learning to further develop their individual learning capabilities.
Therefore the Teaching and Learning is delivered through a collaborative team teaching approach that emphasises high expectations and the provision of targeted, engaging learning at the student’s point of need. Students individual needs are targeted through individual learning improvement plans, these are implemented where required, to enable students to access the curriculum and achieve success.


In the Early Years students have the opportunity to experience many different and diverse specialist programs. These include:
Perceptual Motor Skills (Prep)
Physical Education and Health (Prep – 4)
Japanese (once a semester, Prep-4)
Italian (once a semester, Prep-4)
Oral Language (Prep – 2)
Visual Arts (Prep –4)
Performing Arts (Prep – 4)


Mount Ridley College recognises that students often require a little support or extension in some areas of their learning. Students attending the College in the Early Years have access to the following support programs:

Little Learners Love Literacy Program: Prep students are tested for the program at the start of their schooling. The test has been designed by speech pathologists who have identified key areas of speech that students are required to have. The students attend up to 3 sessions per week. The Program is ran and overseen by trained staff.


Students who qualify for this withdrawal program have English as an Additional Language. They attend levelled withdrawal classes run by a specialist EAL teacher several times a week.

Early Years Invention in Reading: Students in Year 1 to 4 who have been identified by their teachers as requiring additional support in reading are recommended for this program. Students are tested on the decoding skills, alphabet knowledge and comprehension skills. Students attend three sessions a week; once students have gained the skills of decoding and comprehending students graduate from the program.