Middle Years Curriculum

The Middle Years Mini School is set up to provide targeted support to students in Years 8 and 9. Students are exposed to their core subject areas and have the ability to choose subject areas that interest them in preparation for Senior Years.

Students in Years 8 and 9 study English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Mentor as their core subjects. Teachers have spent time planning and developing units of work that focus on the middle years research to encompass a hands on, flexible approach and 21st century approach to teaching and learning. Students are exposed to a large number of specialist subjects including Languages (Italian or Japanese), Visual Arts, Technology, Performing Arts and Health and Physical Education. The teaching and learning program is supported by the BYO device program at the College.

Leadership skills and community experiences are an essential component to the Middle Years program with students having the opportunity to be involved in excursions and camps connecting their learning to real world experiences and developing positive relationships with peers and teachers. Students are involved in the High Resolves program in Year 8 and have the opportunity to select a leadership based subject at Year 9 to develop and extend these leadership skills into a community project.



At Mount Ridley College, a number of support and withdrawal programs are in place to assist a wide range of students. These programs include:

EAL withdrawal

This program is designed for our newly arrived students who have English as an Additional Language. They attend levelled withdrawal classes run by a specialist EAL teacher several times a week.

Corrective reading

In Years 8-9, students who require support in decoding when reading are supported with the Corrective Reading Program. This program is a small group program that specifically targets the ability of readers to chunk words into blends, read fluently and confidently. Students who are not undertaking one of the programs already mentioned, but still require further support to develop their skills and understanding will be supported through our focus group program.  This program has students working in small groups, or provided with extra assistance in the classroom, depending on their individual needs.

Numeracy Intervention Program

In Year 8, students who require support in their Numeracy Skills are supported with the Numeracy Intervention Program. This program is a small group program that has students attend twice a week to work specifically on building Numeracy fluency skills through hands on activities and educational games. This program also supports students’ knowledge of various strategies within the Mathematics curriculum.

High Achievers Class

In Year 8 and 9, students who are advanced learners are provided with an opportunity to attend The High Achievers Class once a week. This program exposes students to a number of skills enabling them to become self-regulating learners to select and use skills to work at higher levels in all of their classes.