Specialised Select Entry Programs


The ACED Program; Acceleration, Challenge, Enrichment and Discovery – aims to further develop capable and committed students at a higher academic level. Students are provided with a  challenging learning environment across all areas of the curriculum with a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills. Students are actively encouraged to develop investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills that will extend and engage them, providing an excellent foundation for further studies.  



The Elite Sports Program aims to enhance students’ capacity as athletes, building leadership, interpersonal and communication skills by mirroring the training and expectations of an elite athlete. Students have access to elite training, strength and conditioning allowing for a blend of academic development and practical learning specific for their sport.

This is achieved by students having access to elite coaching staff, elite facilities, accreditation/qualifications and competition opportunities. At present, the College offers the following streams; AFL football, Rugby League and Female Fitness.