The Elite Sports Program has been consolidated at the College to nurture and develop the academic and sporting achievements of our students from Years 8 to 12. The Program aims to further develop each student’s capacity in their chosen sport by offering a program that enhances their capacity as an athlete and a student, building leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

Students in the Elite Sports Program have access to elite training and conditioning allowing for a blend of academic development and practical learning specific to their selected sport.


  • To promote a culture of excellence with a focus on academic, personal and sporting development and performance through a range of programs.
  • To utilize student interest and passion around sport as a vehicle to engage, to promote lifelong learning and connectedness to the College.
  • Assisting students to develop advanced skills, knowledge and an understanding of pathways that foster direct connections with the sport industry beyond the College.
  • Providing students with exposure of the requirements of an elite junior athlete by replicating the high expectations of a professional environment.
  • Develop students skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork together with enhancing their wider knowledge of the various components of the sporting industry.



The Elite Sport pathway is built around student participation in 5 key elements:

  • Elite coaching – Skill/tactical development paired with strength and conditioning
  • Competition – access to competition in their chosen sport, and further opportunities
  • Elite facilities – students train and have access to elite facilities to give insight to the elite sporting environment
  • Community leadership – project based involvement in the local and wider community
  • Integrated curriculum – Years 8, 9 and 10 students participate in ESP training in class time as part of their allotted Health and Physical Education time. Students are highly recommended to undertake an accelerated program in year 10 (VET Sport and Rec, VCE PE or VCE Health and Human Development).

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  • Australian Rules Football
  • Rugby League
  • Female Fitness: Field
  • Female Fitness: Court


  • Year 9 – 120 minutes of S&C integrated curriculum as Physical Education
  • Year 10 – 120 minutes of S&C integrated curriculum as Physical Education
  • Year 11 & 12 – S&C optional during lunch time or after school




  • Level 1 Touch Officiating
  • Level 1 AFL Umpiring
  • Level 1 AFL Coaching
  • Modified Games Course (MGC)
  • First Aid/CPR

The weekly program includes skill/tactical based practical training, match play, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation. Training takes place twice per week from 7:30am – 8:30am.


In 2019, the Elite Sports Program will be open to students in Year 8 for the first time.

This Junior Development Program is designed to nurture and develop our rising athletes in their formative years, with a strong focus on developing and strengthening the fundamentals of movement; running, jumping, agility, strength, power, speed, coordination, balance. The aim of this program is assist student development into well-rounded athletes, with exposure to a range of sports and skill types. Students will also begin developing their strength and conditioning programs and develop this as they progress through the program.

The Year 8 Junior Athlete squad will form one mentor class, which enables them to be supported and challenged by like-minded students. They will undertake an accelerated Physical Education class, completing tasks to a higher standard and with a more focused specialisation. These tasks will include, but are not limited to, coaching, leadership responsibilities, team management, physical development and functional training.

The Year 8 student athletes will participate in one afterschool training session per week. This training session will be one hour in duration, and will be in addition to their regular curriculum program. They will also be eligible for additional competition opportunities.


The Program is fortunate to be supported by a variety of key partnerships with a number of organisations that support our Elite Sports Program, including Calder Cannons and NRL Victoria.










The Elite Sports Program boasts a range of custom uniform options in addition to the College uniform.
















Students from the Elite Sports Program have the opportunity to join the College’s Student Voice Program, through a variety of Student Leadership opportunities, or elected as ESP Captains.

The ESP Captains are required to uphold the College values: Respect and Tolerance, Personal Success, Responsibility, and Honesty and Trust. They will represent the Program during Student Voice meetings, participate and lead a variety of events at the College and demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Be ambassadors of the program
  • Lead others to uphold the Values of the ESP
  • Advocate for ESP students and the MRC community
  • Display high level of personal success
  • Demonstrate initiative and ideas


All students who wish to apply for the program should address the following selection criteria:

  1. Students submit a completed application form by the due date
  2. Student attends the group interview and actively participates
  3. Students attend the open training if shortlisted

Participants may be subjected to demonstrate adequate fitness and skill level is evident to take on an Elite Sport Program

  1. Students are required to achieve an optimal level of academic performance (according to their GPA or current progress report for external applicants)
  2. It is preferred that students are playing a club level sport
  3. Students must have an attendance record that meets a minimum requirement of 85% in all classes
  4. Students must uphold their school values consistently
  5. Students have demonstrated consistent participation in College wide interschool sports
  6. Students must demonstrate a high standard of positive behaviour
  7. A confidential reference check from current teachers/team leaders/coordinators displays recommendations consistently from all parties.



  1. Provision of acceptance: if students are applying in Year 11, students must have successfully attained 8 Units of their VCE program
  2. Students in Year 11 going in to Year 12, must supply their VASS transcript outlining their successful units achieved. This must be submitted at the Course Counselling interview.
  3. Students must participate in a local or representative level sport.
  4. Students will not be considered if the most recent semester report is not submitted to ESP leaders at their group interview.
  5. The last step in the application process – students are required to provide a mid-cycle progress report by Week 6 of Term 4 if successful in the interview process.



Students in the Elite Sports Program are required to demonstrate the following:

  • Students are expected to actively participate in a range of sporting and community events (including but not limited to; Community days and College Swimming and Athletics carnivals).
  • Students are expected to participate in a range of interschool sports, with a minimum representation in 2 or more of the following; Summer sport (cricket, volleyball, tennis), Winter Sport (AFL, soccer, rugby league, netball, basketball), athletics, swimming or cross country.
  • Students maintain an average GPA of 3.
  • Attendance for school and training sessions must remain above 85%
  • Provide a written note to support any absences from training sessions
  • Maintain an open line of communication regarding managing school academic requirements, out of school sport, injuries, and other issues that may arise
  • Students follow the process of notifying teachers of upcoming events (sporting and other events) complete the required forms, as well as completing the required work by the due date
  • Actively represent the Elite Sports Program standards externally and within the school


Please download the following forms for further information: 

ESP Application 2019

Coaches Reference Form

ESP Handbook 2019

Interview Questions Sheet



For more information and application forms, please contact the College.

Mount Ridley P- 12 College
2-30 Hampton Street

Telephone: 8338 3600

Fax: 8338 3699

College Email: mount.ridley.p12@edumail.vic.gov.au

Program Leader direct Email: Chircop.amanda.a@edumail.vic.gov.au