ACED Program

A.C.E.D. stands for ‘Acceleration’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Enrichment’, and ‘Discovery’ – these are the values that underpin Mount Ridley P-12 College’s Select Entry Academic Program. This program offers places to a limited number of very capable and committed students who are able to meet the academic rigours set by the program.

Currently, the main intake for the program is at Year 7. Students may elect to join the program at Year 8 onwards should positions become available. Information about intake for Years 8 and 9 will be advertised through Compass and the College website.

The Vision of this program acknowledges that every student is unique, and that their learning style is reflective of their individuality. Through a process of inquiry, questioning, curiosity and collaboration, students are accelerated through their coursework at a faster pace, providing them with a challenging learning environment.

The enrichment component of the program encourages the study of more complex and abstract concepts, with a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills. There are a number of opportunities provided to these students, including participation in a range of competitions, excursions and projects.



Accelerated learning is not appropriate for all students.  It is both rewarding and demanding, with high expectations and a greater classroom workload.  The program suits students who want to be challenged and who demonstrate capability across multiple academic areas.

Students are actively encouraged to develop investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills that will extend and engage them and which will provide an excellent foundation for further studies.



YEAR 7 (2019)

Applications are now closed for the 2019 Intake

For each Year 7 intake, one class group (of no more than 25 students) will make up the A.C.E.D. group and will potentially remain in that group up until the end of Year 12 (provided they meet the requirements of the program as set by the College).  During this time, students will be in the care of a Mentor teacher, the A.C.E.D. Coordinator and Director of Specialised Programs.

The selection process for A.C.E.D. is designed to identify students for whom this type of program is appropriate.  The selection process involves:

  • completion of an application form, including special assessment forms filled in by the parent/guardian.
  • completion of a select entry scholastic test: all students that submit a timely application will be invited to complete this test and parents will be notified when this testing will occur.
  • information collected from the student’s primary school;
  • completion of a student self-assessment; and
  • an interview with short-listed students and the presentation of a portfolio of work.

All of this information is used to help select the students who will be best equipped to cope with the rigours of our enrichment and accelerated learning program.


MID-YEAR INTAKE – YEARS 7 & 8 (2018)


Current Mount Ridley College students in years 7 and 8 have the opportunity to join the current A.C.E.D. classes as of Semester 2, 2018. There are very limited spots available in both of the existing classes.

If you are interested in applying to join one of the A.C.E.D. classes, application forms will be posted to Compass, and can also be collected from your mentor teacher in mid-term 2. Please ask Miss Gibbons if you require any more information.




Please download the relevant documentation

Info Booklet 2019

ACED Application Form 2019

ACED Parent Assessment Form 2019



Melinda Gibbons

ACED Program Leader

PH: (03) 8338 3600


Lorena Folino

Director of Specialised Programs

PH: (03) 8338 3600