Mount Ridley P – 12 College strongly supports the fact that nutrition is important, particularly at times of rapid student growth and development.  For this reason BOCCA foods, our canteen provider, ensures that healthy eating practices are in place and that key health food messages are communicated to students.

BOCCA Foods is a family run company that has been operating since September 2006, managing twenty five DET licenced school canteens in the Melbourne metropolitan area.  The company’s mission is aimed at creating a food evolution in school canteens by transitioning the traditional canteen menu of lollies, fried food etc. to a fresh, healthy and modern café style menu where students not only receive meals that are packed with nutrients and goodness but taste good as well.  BOCCA Foods utilises the Casalinga style (slow cooking method using fresh and nutritional ingredients with no added preservatives/colours/artificial flavours) in the delivery of its meals.  At the same time, students at the College are provided with a wide selection of foods that are geared towards meeting their diverse dietary needs.


Prep – Year 4 Menu

Years 5 – 12 Menu

Canteen and Healthy Foods Policy