Our College proudly holds partnerships with ABCN and Lendlease Craigieburn Central, as well as Beacon Foundation. As a result of these partnerships, our students have access to a wide array of opportunities designed to expose them to the workplace, provide them with job readiness skills and increase their confidence in communicating with community members.


 We have a well-resourced Pathways office which is staffed by one Leading Teacher and two full time Pathways Counsellors, and is available to all students and their parents.

The services provided by this office include the completion of Career Action Plans and Managed Individual Pathways, organisation of Career Expos, Careers curriculum in the Mentor program, Vocational Education and Training, the Work Experience program, support for ‘at risk’ or disengaged students, careers counselling appointments, resume writing and transition support for students exiting the college or upon completion of Year 12.

The Pathways team also have a Careers website available for the college community to access.